Closed Cash Handling

Improve shop security with closed cash handling


SafePay is Gunnebo’s closed cash handling solution – a secure way to handle cash efficiently and remove cash differences.


What is closed cash handling?

Closed cash handling replaces manual tills with a system which recycles and protects cash from the moment it leaves the customer’s hand until it reaches the cash-counting centre. No manual cash handling, no opportunity for cash differences and a safer store for both customers and staff.

Improve shop security for staff and customers

Cash is kept locked away at the till and is transported to the back office in ink-protected cassettes before being securely deposited into a transfer unit for collection by CIT. Cash is not exposed so there is no manual cash handling by staff or responsibility for cash counting.

More efficient cash handling

Create one procedure for all checkouts and streamline your cash handling process.

Optimise CIT collection

Real-time cash levels are monitored enabling CIT to make pick-ups when required and not according to a pre-determined route plan.

Automatic reconciliation and cash control

Cash is registered on payment and tracked all the way to the counting centre. Eliminates cash differences and allows for automatic reconciliation.

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