Deposit Systems

Improve the management of cash deposits

Gunnebo’s cash deposit systems give you complete transparency and control over cash deposits.


Track and trace deposits

All deposits are registered and can be followed throughout the cash handling process.

Get control over volumes

The volume of cash deposits per machine can be remotely monitored allowing for better management of emptying routines.

Same-day credit

Deposited amounts can be credited during the same working day so that you can offer a better service to retail customers who benefit from a better cash-flow.

Improve the availability of your cash deposit service

Remote monitoring of each machine’s status means technical issues are solved quickly and your cash deposit service becomes more reliable.

Reduce the cost of your cash handling process

Less time spent with cash handling administration and the option to outsource the monitoring of your cash deposit machines gives you more time to spend on your core business.

A faster service is a safer service

Deposits made using seal bags are quick and means less time spent by the customer exposing themselves to risk.

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