Modular Vaults

Build the secure area which you require


Gunnebo’s modular vault room panels and doors allow you to create a secure enclosure inside an existing room or externally around an ATM.


Meet legislative requirements for storage

Rooms or areas storing pharamceuticals or weapons are often required to be secured by law. Using modular vault panels, you can secure these areas no matter what the size or shape. Turn your existing rooms into secure enclosures or create a strong room from scratch to your specifications.


Save on assembly and transportation costs

Interlocking panels make modular vaults quick and easy to assemble. The panels are surprisingly light in weight given the security level they provide, which reduces the cost of transportation and allows for upper floor construction.


Certified security

Certain ranges have been tested and approved for both burglary and ballistics protection in accordance with recognised EN standards.


Flexible construction

Building a vault using modular panels means you can easily modify, extend or move it when required.

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