Gunnebo Elkosta Barrier Lift System

Gunnebo Elkosta Barrier Lift System

Gunnebo Elkosta Barrier Lift System

BLS Defence – massive Horizontal Lifting Barrier with a secure break through prevention


The  crash  rated  elkosta  Barrier Lift System BLS offers maximum security for  highly  sensitive entry or exit points against
unauthorised vehicles attempting to break through, by destroying the chassis completely. Even heavy vehicles with high speeds are stopped reliably. It can be utilised individually or in combination with other  elkosta  products  in  order to achieve a sluice arrangement forming a secure vehicle check point.

Massive barrier for different application areas

Typical  areas  of application are banks, detention centres, power stations, industrial or military premises, airports and other  high  security zones. The elkosta BLS fulfils the highest safety level. Thanks to its high- quality material and the proven elkosta TRI-PROTECT® long-term corrosion protection, installation in  all  climate  zones  is  possible.


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