Gunnebo GSL 1000

Gunnebo GSL 1000

Gunnebo GSL 1000


High-security electronic lock


EN 1300, Grade B and C. Certified by ECB•S and A2P. Also certified by VdS in classes II and III.

One-time codes (OTCs)

OTCs can be distributed to service staff or CIT personnel in a number of ways, including via mobile browser or via the phone using a voice recognition system.

OTCs, increase the level of security where it is necessary for a series of external individuals to have access to an ATM or cash recycler, either for emptying and filling purposes, or to service the machine.

Remote lock management

Setting user rights and lock parameters can be carried out remotely. Up to 50 users per lock.

Network locks

Up to 16 locks can be connected and controlled from one terminal. All can be integrated with wider security systems for intrusion detection and surveillance.

Data access

USB interface for downloading audit trail or uploading changes to the lock configuration.


The level of security can be increased by adding a fingerprint reader.


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EN 1300, Grade B and C


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