Gunnebo ImmSec

Automated immigration gate

Gunnebo ImmSec

Gunnebo ImmSec

Automated immigration gate

  • Accelerates the immigration checks at airports
  • Automates the entry process and collection of data
  • Increases security with integrated biometrics technology and single passage detection
  • Minimises queues and queuing time
  • Reduces airport staff costs
  • Disabled compliant
  • Depending on government legislation, ImmSec can be integrated with readers for smart ID cards, machine readable travel documents (MRTDs) and RFID passports, as well as biometric capture technolog


ImmSec datasheet

Mass Transit Airport Concept Brochure

Additional Information

Flow Rate

Depends on local immigration verification requirements.


Single person detection, left item detection, climb over detection, crawl under detection.

Identification Method

Passport, biometrics.


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