Automated SDLs

​Increase the profitability of your safe deposit lockers


Gunnebo’s automated self-service system for safe deposit lockers generates new revenue streams and reduces operational costs.


Generate customers

Create a new and convenient service with a system which allows your customers to access their safe deposit lockers themselves at any point of the day.


Drive revenue

The convenience of the service will allow you to charge a higher rental fee per locker or a fee for each time a customer accesses their locker.


Reduce back office administration

Free up staff time with an automated safe deposit locker system which does not require employees to accompany customers into a vault and reduces the administrative load through a simpler user registration process and automated payment handling.


Optimise safe deposit locker management

Using SafeControl software, staff have access to details of locker availability making customer management fast and simple. Centrally, you have access to valuable data such as utilisation rates and a real-time locker status. A centralised, unified system helps optimise key processes such as rental contract archiving, internal auditing, internal reporting and financial analysis.


Make better use of branch space

With an automated service, customers do not need to enter a vault so you can install your safe deposit lockers more closely together and save money on office space. You also have the freedom to locate the safe deposit lockers in cheaper office space, such as a basement, since the lockers can be automatically transported to a customer terminal on a different floor of the building.