Architects Area

-High performance ,customize our products to support your design.

You can customize our entrance security products to fit in with the architecture and interior design of  most buildings thanks to our wide selection of materials and  finishes .In addition , flexibility on dimensions will allow you to achieve the right balance between flaw rate requirement and the use of space.


-We are bringing more than 15 years design experience.

SiS Smart intrusion Solutions are offering  modern and aesthetically pleasing designs .Materials available for customization are those proffered by architects and designers , Corian Du Pont , Trespa and 3M Di-Noc-making it possible for ypu to easily  integrate our products into your designs.


You need to know that the entrance security products you choose offer efficient and highly reliable performance in terms of managing visitors access to buildings ensuring that access is only granted to authorised personnel.

Our Solution

Speed of operation allowing passage of up to 40 people per minute whilst preserving maximum usr safety .

Unique algorithm for fraudulent passage detection including tailgating , wrong way direction , crawling and leave lane time out.The variety of lane lengths and panel heights also contributes to increasing security.

Contactless control barrier ,ergonomic design , over 50 parameter settings as well as a selection of user information displays for improved user guidance.

40000 speed gates installed worldwide.


SiS smart intrusion solutions speed gates are competitively priced . They are effective in managing visitor access and are robust to ensure a long life span , thereby reducing operational and maintenance cost.