Mass Transit

Improve passenger mobility without compromising on security

Automated solutions for fare collection, pre-security, self-boarding and immigration to ensure high passenger flow rates and accurate ticket validation.


  1. Reduce passenger queuing time by managing queues and processing passengers faster through the airport
  2. Decrease processing times to get passengers airside to reduce stress
  3. Provide automated processes – self-service, passenger tracking – freeing up airport staff to focus on customer care
  4. Provide fast and efficient movement of passengers without compromising on security
  5. Pre-security gates, boarding gates, immigration gates and exit breach control
  6. Automated passenger detection systems with sophisticated identification tools – document readers, 2D barcode readers and biometric scanners
  7. Create a commonality of processes across pre-security, boarding and immigration


  1. Automatic Fare Collection systems to allow both high flows of people and accuracy in fare collection
  2. Access control systems showing commonality when multiple transports systems are used
  3. Integration of gate manufacturers to integrate more and more technology inside the gate
  4. Compliancy with new requirements to allow children or children accompanied by an adult through the gate whilst still collecting the fare
  5. Reduce the level of fraud and fare evasion
  6. Improve the safety of passengers inside stations

Buses and Bus Terminals

  1. Prevent ticket fraud and fare dodging
  2. Tripod Turnstiles for passenger control on buses and within bus stations for ticket validation and payment processing checks

Ferry Terminals

  1. Control the movement of passengers and enhance security
  2. Turnstiles which prevent fare dodging and check ticket validity

Stadia and Arenas

  1. Turnstiles for heavy throughput with minimum service requirements and running costs
  2. Integrated security solutions which interface with your ticketing and access control system
  3. Simplify mobility of people into, out of and around the site
  4. Solutions for public access, visitor access and VIP access