Electronic Locks

Remote management of electronic lock networks made easy

Gunnebo’s high-security electronic locks function as a stand-alone unit on a single door, safe or vault or as part of a network across multiple locations.


Simplify and improve lock management

Set user rights, configure lock parameters and access the audit trail of any network lock remotely from a central location.

Integrate all your electronic locks into one network

Connect electronic locks and integrate with existing security systems, such as CCTV, access control and intrusion detection.

Improve security performance

Check the real-time status of any electronic lock in the network to rapidly identify and resolve technical issues. Update security policies automatically across the entire network.

Optimise cash handling and servicing routines

Through the use of one-time codes, you can distribute unique IDs to your CIT partner or service technicians which will only open a specific lock during a specific window of time. This is ideal for external individuals who need access to an ATM or cash recycler for emptying, filling or service reasons.

Ensure the highest security standards

All Gunnebo high-security electronic locks are independently tested and certified to meet recognised standards. You can further increase security levels by adding biometric identification to your locks.

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