Cash Deposit Solutions

Cash Deposit Solutions

Note Counting

Reduce the cost of retail cash management

Gunnebo’s self-service note counting and note deposit solutions remove cash-counting responsibilities from your staff.

Reduce back office administration costs
Save time on manual counting and verification. Banknotes are processed securely and efficiently, reducing the risk of robbery, preventing shrinkage and eliminating cash differences.

Get greater control over your cash handling processes
Link to CashControl monitoring software for real-time cash management, transaction transparency and reporting functions. Host CashControl centrally or use Gunnebo’s managed hosting service for control over an entire network of note deposit units.

Receive same-day credit

Deposited amounts can be credited to your account during the same working day for a better operating cash-flow.
Streamline cash collection routines
With real-time access to cash levels which can be shared with CIT partners, you can optimise route planning and pick-up times for a more efficient service.

High-speed note processing

Staff use a touch screen to confirm their identification and for speed enter notes in bundles. All transactions are automatically registered and authenticated.

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