Quick Folding Gates

Quick Folding Gates

Quick Folding Gate
​The smart combination of gate and barrier.

The Quick Folding Gate (QFG) is an innovative trackless bi-folding gate that provides maximum security for entry and exit in every situation thanks to its high opening and closing speed.

It is fast, sturdy, very reliable and requires little maintenance due to its trackless design. The QFG was developed with rationality in mind and offers an alternativeto a sliding gate in combination with a boom barrier. It is suited for passage of heavy and large trucks as there is no track or locking in the driveway and no top guide rail limiting the passage height. The gate locks in the closed position in normal operation and in the event of power failure.

It is available invarious models and colours withstandard sizes. The QFG is designed for continuous operation and is therefore predestined for use at locations such as logistic centres or ports. Last but not least the QFG is one of the world´s few bi-folding gates with TÜV certification according to DIN EN 13241-1.

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