Electronic Article Surveillance

Electronic Article Surveillance

Electronic Article Surveillance
​Prevent shoplifting with electronic article surveillance

Gunnebo’s electronic article surveillance (EAS) products reduce the risk of shoplifting with a cost-effective alarm and tagging system. Sold under the Gateway brand.

Find the design to suit your store
The appearance of your store is a key to your brand which is why you can choose between the market’s widest range of antenna designs.

Find the technology to suit your store
Gateway antennas cater for all types of store, including supermarkets, fashion retailers, department stores and pharmacies. Radio frequency, acousto-magnetic and electromagnetic detection technologies are available.

Improve store security
Gateway antennas offer metal detection functions to prevent shoplifting using foil-lined bags.

Utilise customer information more effectively
Gateway software allows you to collect information on customer flow helping you to optimise opening hours and allocation of staff, analyse customer footfall patterns and measure the success of promotional campaigns.

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