Boom Barriers

Boom Barriers

Boom Barrier
​Boom Barrier systems form a part of site protection and efficient access control.

A combination of a boom barrier and a sliding gate greatly increases control of the number of vehicles entering and leaving the site, optimises traffic flow management and ensures overall security in the gateway area.

Boom barrier has a modular structure: the drive column is housed in a self-supporting frame. The system fully absorbs all forces, resulting from barrier movements or wind pressure. The gear unit, crank drive and optional control units are housed in a stainless steel housing.

One of the distinguishing features of the barriers is their simplicity of assembly which allows the system to be easily fitted. This results from the pre-assembly and the thorough functionality check in the factory. Boom barrier type GEHS with electro-hydraulic drive. Boom barriers are used for traffic guidance and control of cars and trucks. They prevent the unauthorised access to a site. In combination with a fence line the barriers offer effective site protection.

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