Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates

Sliding gate
​A sliding gate combines development, design and production.

It belongs to the most technically advanced gates in the market. We provide steel- aluminium- cantilevered and tracked gates as well as the telescopic and special gates which offer limitless opportunities.

Steel gates
Cantilevered steel gates are pre-tested in the factory, are designed in modules and therefore easy to install. Even bad weather or harsh environments will not impede the movement; this is due to the trackless design. There are differerent types; Cantilever RT gates, Tracked SF gates and CT 260 Gate.

Aluminium sliding gate
Aluminium gates are a good alternative to steel gates and It can be seen as state-of-the-art product. The weight saving design gives stability and ensures light movement and high possible speed. There are two types; the EntraSec and the Entralight.

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