Gunnebo Centurion

High-security vault rooms and doors

Gunnebo Centurion

Gunnebo Centurion

High-security vault rooms and doors


Burglary protection

EN 1143-1, Grades V to XII. Certified by ECB•S.

Explosives protection

Additional certified protection against explosives (EX classification) in all grades.

Diamond core drill protection

Additional CD certification for Grades IX to XII for protection against diamond core drills.

Modular design

Interlocking panels maximise options for construction of the vault room.

Vault door

The door frame is armoured and can be fitted with a grille gate for extra security.

Additional Information


EN 1143-1, Grades V to XII. Explosives protection (EX) for Grades V to XII. Diamond core drill protection (CD) for Grades IX to XII.


Key lock, combination lock or electronic lock


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