Gunnebo Trident

Gunnebo Trident

Gunnebo Trident


Burglary, fire and explosives resistant safe

​Burglary protection

EN 1143-1, Grades III to VI. Certified by ECB•S.

Fire protection

EN 1047-1, S 60 P. One-hour protection of documents from fire. Certified by ECB•S.

Explosives protection

EN 1143-1, Grades III EX to VI EX. Certified by ECB•S.

Wide range

Eight models for each grade, ranging from 111 to 1117 litres in capacity.

Ergomonic design

Full access to the safe’s contents when the door is opened 90°.

Additional Information


Shelf, reinforced shelf, extendable lockable drawer, lockable compartment, hanging file frame, safe deposit locker columns.


EN 1143-1, Grades III to VI. EN 1047-1, S 60 P. EN 1143-1, Grades III EX to IV EX.


Grade III – Grade B key or electronic lock. Grade IV, V – Two Grade B locks. Grade VI – Two Grade C locks.


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